Jobs and the Economy

We promote policies that invest in infrastructure, alternative energy, manufacturing and research.  We support policies that generate jobs across all sectors of the economy, that re-train workers who have been pushed out because of global economic forces and that focus on small business and entrepreneurs. 

Small businesses are the engine of the economy and often drive job growth.  We need smart regulations that make it easy for small businesses to thrive.  Many Muslim Americans are small business owners who are trying to make the American Dream their reality and know that "everyone does better when everyone does better." 

Lastly, any budget -- whether federal, state, county or municipal -- reflects our values as a society. The budget is a moral document; and, as a faith community, we care deeply about what it reflects. So at a time when oil and gas interests continue to receive huge tax and other incentives while our elderly are being asked to live on less and our young people are borrowing more for education, the federal budget, in this case, is inconsistent with the values of the American people.  And that needs to change.