2023 Ceasefire Ultimatum

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October 30, 2023
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, D.C. 20500

To the Office of the President of the United States and the Democratic Party Leadership

Subject: An Open Letter from Democratic Voters

Dear Mr. President and Democratic Party Leadership:

The National Muslim Democratic Council (NMDC), Democratic Party activists, and voters from across the nation and pivotal battleground states write to express our deep concern regarding the ongoing massacre in Gaza. The massacre of over eight thousand Palestinians and the humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza are unacceptable. We call on the White House to urgently advocate for an immediate ceasefire. Your administration's unconditional support, encompassing funding and armaments, has played a significant role in perpetuating the violence that is causing civilian casualties and has eroded trust in voters who previously put their faith in you.

The situation in Gaza has reached a critical juncture, nearing a complete humanitarian catastrophe, and we implore you to take immediate action to secure a ceasefire by Tuesday, October 31st at 5 p.m. EST. As President, you possess the power and responsibility to influence this situation and work toward a just and enduring resolution. A ceasefire stands as the crucial first step to prevent further loss of life and suffering in Gaza.

We pledge to mobilize Muslim, Arab, and allied voters to withhold endorsement, support, or votes for any candidate who did not advocate for a ceasefire and endorse the Israeli offensive against the Palestinian people. We will mobilize increased voter turnout to make our voices heard. The State of Michigan, in the 2020 election, was decided by a mere 2.6 percent margin of victory and holds 16 crucial electoral votes. We emphasize the significance of Michigan, Ohio, Iowa, Florida, Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee, where many of our voters reside. We hereby demand an immediate ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, the establishment of a humanitarian aid corridor to assist the people of Gaza, and the lifting of the siege that has deprived innocent men,
women, and children of basic necessities like food and water. The inhumane weaponization of water and the dehydration of children as a military strategy must cease immediately, and all communication channels must be reinstated.

It has become evident that our voices are being ignored, but our votes will not be. Simply put, as Gaza turns red, so could crucial battleground states.

National Muslim Democratic Council (NMDC)

The mission of the National Muslim Democratic Council (NMDC) is to advance our shared values of equality, justice, and mercy and to serve as a resource about the American Muslim community to civic, political, and community leaders